What to expect when scheduling an evaluation with Dr. Monahan:

A one-hour intake session is scheduled to gather information and develop a plan. I meet with a child’s parents/guardian (and/or the individual in the case of a young adult). This appointment may or may not be scheduled the same day as testing.

The standardized assessment portion of the evaluation generally ranges from three to six hours, depending on the referral question and the complexity of the case. This may be done over one to two appointments. The estimated length of the evaluation will be discussed in more detail at the intake session. 

The family is scheduled for a feedback appointment to review the results and recommendations following the evaluation. The results and recommendations are also written in a comprehensive report format which is provided to the family. This appointment generally lasts about one hour. 

Does she provide treatment?

Currently, I do not offer treatment services (e.g., ongoing therapy or counseling), but I will assist families in identifying a clinician if they are looking for psychological treatment.

Several clinicians located at Susan Welner-Brunton, Ph.D. & Associates, Inc. (the group practice where I am located) provide treatment services. Contact (614) 754-7648 to inquire about treatment services. Click here for information on the clinicians and to see all of the services offered at the practice. 

Does she evaluate for Autism Spectrum Disorders?

I provide neuropsychological evaluations to children/teens/young adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis; however, I do not perform diagnostic evaluations for the purposes of identifying an ASD diagnosis. A neuropsychological evaluation may be helpful for an individual with an ASD diagnosis if the parents or school wish to better understand their cognitive strengths and weaknesses and/or if they also have a medical/neurological diagnosis that could be contributing to difficulties. 

What age range does Dr. Monahan see?

Generally speaking, I evaluate individuals between the ages of 3 to 25. In some instances, I will see an individual outside of this age range, depending on the referral question or concerns. For example, I evaluate adults outside of this age range if they have concerns regarding ADHD or a learning disability. If you have specific questions about this, please call our office. 

Does Dr. Monahan accept insurance? 

I am in-network with select insurance companies. In this instance, our office will submit the claims for services directly to your insurance company. Families will only be responsible for the patient portion of the bill. 

In the case that I am out-of-network, reimbursement from your insurance company for neuropsychological testing may be available depending on your plan and deductible. 

Please contact our office if you have questions about whether or not I am in-network with your insurance company.

What is the cost?

Please call our office for information on cost as it is variable.